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Enhanced tumor localization and retention of chlorin e6 in cationic nanolipoplexes potentiate the tumor ablation effects of photodynamic therapy
Gayong Shim
Sangbin Lee, Young Bong Kim, Chan-Wha Kim and Yu-Kyoung Oh
Nanotechnology (SCIE)
Here we report the tumor ablation effects of the negatively charged photosensitizer chlorin e6 (Ce6) in nanocomplexes. Ce6 was complexed to cationic 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-ethylphosphocholine-based liposomes, forming cationic nanolipoplexes. The loading efficiency of Ce6 to cationic nanolipoplexes was greater than 90%. The degree of enhancement of cellular uptake of Ce6 by treatment in cationic nanolipoplexes increased with the concentration of Ce6, showing 18.3-fold higher uptake than free Ce6 at 15 µM. Molecular imaging revealed the preferential distribution and retention of Ce6 in SCC7 tumor tissues after intravenous administration of Ce6 in cationic nanolipoplexes. Moreover, localized illumination of mice receiving Ce6 in cationic nanolipoplexes resulted in the formation of thick scabs over tumor regions, and complete ablation of tumors after scab detachment. In contrast, continuous growth of tumors was observed in the group treated with free Ce6. Our results suggest that the cationic nanolipoplexes of Ce6 improve the therapeutic effects of photodynamic cancer therapy as compared to free Ce6.