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Photosensitizer-Trapped Gold Nanocluster for Dual Light-Responsive Phototherapy
Junho Byun, Dongyoon Kim, Jaehyun Choi, Gayong Shim (*co-corresponding), Yu-Kyoung Oh
Biomedicines (SCIE)
8 (11)
Photoresponsive nanomaterials have recently received great attention in the field of cancer therapy. Here, we report a photosensitizer-trapped gold nanocluster that can facilitate dual light-responsive cancer therapy. We utilized methylene blue (MB) as a model photosensitizer, gold nanocluster as a model photothermal agent, and a polymerized DNA as the backbone of the nanocluster. We synthesized MB-intercalated gold DNA nanocluster (GMDN) via reduction and clustering of gold ions on a template consisting of MB-intercalated long DNA. Upon GMDN treatment, cancer cells revealed clear cellular uptake of MB and gold clusters; following dual light irradiation (660 nm/808 nm), the cells showed reactive oxygen species generation and increased temperature. Significantly higher cancer cell death was observed in cells treated with GMDN and dual irradiation compared with non-irradiated or single light-irradiated cells. Mice systemically injected with GMDN showed enhanced tumor accumulation compared to that of free MB and exhibited increased temperature upon near infrared irradiation of the tumor site. Tumor growth was almost completely inhibited in GMDN-treated tumor-bearing mice after dual light irradiation, and the survival rate of this group was 100% over more than 60 days. These findings suggest that GMDN could potentially function as an effective phototherapeutic for the treatment of cancer disease.